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Supported Vocations



  1. relating to an occupation or employment.

    "vocational training"

  2. ​(of education or training) directed at a particular occupation and its skills. "specialized vocational courses such as fashion and catering have been popular among students"


The William Barry Trust was set up specifically to help support hard working young people to realise their ambitions and fulfill their dreams in vocational fields - these include, but are not limited to, the following:

          Administration and Office Support         Art, Craft and Design

Business, Accountancy and Finance          Carpentry         Catering and Hospitality         Childcare, Education and Teaching

          Computing and IT         Construction and Building Trades         Creative media         Electrical          Engineering         Hair & beauty         Health, social care and counselling         Motor vehicle          Painting & decorating         Performing arts, music & dance         Plumbing         Science          Sport & fitness         Tourism & aviation

Uniformed Public services

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